Glen Canyon Dam Construction Site

Glen Canyon Dam Construction Site. Undated. Source is most likely the USBR.
Glen Canyon Dam Construction Site. Undated. Source is most likely the USBR.

Here’s an incredible shot of the Glen Canyon Dam construction site. The picture is undated, but it has to be pre-1960 or 1960 at the latest. This was probably taken just about the time we moved there, or a little before. This is looking downstream. The ropes (for those who are familiar with those) are just around the curve in the canyon. Page is to the left side of the canyon on Manson Mesa and the present day visitor’s center is on the right. The original visitor’s center was eventually built (“built” isn’t the right word – the original visitor’s center was a pre-fab building that was later moved into town and placed near the football field as the LARC center. I don’t remember now what that acronym stood for) on the left side of the bridge in this picture and there was a short road down to a lookout point. That road and the lookout point are still there, but chained off so no one can enter.

This is a sweet picture that captures a moment long since past, not to mention under water.


5 thoughts on “Glen Canyon Dam Construction Site

  1. Mike, The LARC center on the SW corner of South Navajo Drive was the Alcohol Rehabilitation Center, not sure what the “L” stood for but For some reason I’m thinking it was Lamanite (darned spell check won’t find the correct spelling!). It was used as a more civil way of helping the drunks as opposed to just tossing them in jail.


  2. Thanks Gene. I remember the rehab part, but the meaning behind the acronym escaped me. Thanks for clearing that up. I haven’t seen any new stories lately. What’s up with that?


  3. Donna Bloxton Peterson is also doing a lot of Page history. She posted a picture of the original postoffice that I will email to Gene so he can forward to you. She’s asking for names of people in the picture.


    • That sounds amazing. I’m looking forward to seeing it. Can you give me the address of that web site? I would love to take a look. I need pictures. I’m going to run out in a couple of months. Thanks! It’s so good to hear from you.


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