Frozen in Time

Late 1950s Page Arizona
Source: Unknown

This aerial view of the early town of Page captures a time long since past. This has to be 1957-58 or possibly early 59. I love how the paved road into town just stops and dirt takes over. The USBR warehouse is the rectangle building near the center of the picture. It’s still there today. The trailer court is the development across from it. The trailer court streets were named with letters.

We lived at the airport (right behind the hanger) and the street nearest us was P Street. I’m assuming the names started at A Street at the other end of the court, but my memory is fuzzy at that point. The buildings just below the trailer court near the present day corner of Aero and Cathedral (across from present day Fred’s Liquor and the old Warner’s Nursery) comprised a chunk of the business district. Firestone, Page Jewelers, and a locksmith shop were there. I have a picture I’ll be posting of it soon.

The group of buildings near the other corner of the trailer court (close to present day Lake Powell BLVD) included Babbitt’s and First National Bank. This picture may have been taken before those businesses occupied those buildings, but if so, they eventually found a temporary home there. I have a picture of those buildings I’ll be posting as well.

Just above those buildings is the MCS apartments. There are only a couple of streets there in this picture, so construction was still progressing.

On the right side of the picture, you can see some houses along N. Navajo Drive, Gum, Elm, and Fir Streets. There may have been a few houses built or being built along the north end of Date Street too. I don’t know if that’s the hospital on Vista and N. Navajo. I’m not sure when that was built. If any of you old-timers want to add anything by way of comments, please do.


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