Early Business District

1957-59 Business District
Source: Unknown

Yes, this is cool. This shot of the early Page business district is a sweet pic. I like the Firestone sign that reads, “Changeover to New Firestone Tubeless Tires Now!” Tubeless tires. What a concept, but I doubt it will catch on. lol. In addition to Firestone, you can see Page Jewelers (my mom worked there after it was moved to 7th Ave), and a locksmith shop. I can’t make out the two businesses in the middle. Maybe one of you can tell us what they were. Anybody? I’m diggin’ the cars though.

This business district was located on the corner of present day Aero Drive and N. Navajo Drive. It was between N. Navajo and present day Cathedral Drive, across the street from present day Fred’s Liquor.

If you scroll down and look at my previous post of the Froze in Time aerial shot, you’ll see an outcropping of buildings along 7th Avenue (present day Lake Powell Blvd). Babbitt’s and First National Bank of AZ occupied those buildings. That picture may have been taken before those businesses moved in, but they eventually found a temporary home there. I have some photos I’ll be sharing with you that show that.

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One thought on “Early Business District

  1. Mack Ward had a Drug Store — assume it was among these buildings; “KEY” is on the sign next door to Ernie Severino, Sr.’s “Page Jewelers”, so probably a hardware store or locksmith. Grant Jones’ Shoe Store was in this row of businesses. There was also a nice looking, dark-haired young man who either owned or managed a TV (sales? repair?) store in one of these buildings (next door to Firestone?) very briefly, but he committed suicide, so that business was short-lived. (I seem to be the only person from Page who remembers this man or his business….maybe I dreamed it?)


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