Page Schools 1958-1960

The 3 Butler Buildings that housed Page schools in the late 1950s

These are the Butler buildings that served as the Page schools from 1958-1959 or 60. The permanent school was under construction and completed about 1960. These three buildings were located on the curve of South Navajo Drive. You can get a better feel for where they were located by looking at the bottom center of the aerial picture I posted [here].

The permanent school buildings were completed in 1959-60 and are located on South Navajo Drive, across from the Date Street intersection. These were originally called the A, B, C (Gym), and D buildings.


3 thoughts on “Page Schools 1958-1960

  1. Actually, there was another complex after the Butler buildings. Just off 7th Avenue shortly after topping the south access road were 2 long skinny wood-construction buildings. I started kindergarten there as the cinder block school buildings weren’t quite done yet. When the permanent buildings were completed, the wooden buildings were used for things like music classes, etc. We got busted throwing rocks through the windows one summer, thus the beginning of my life of crime.


  2. Gene, are you referring to the x and y buildings? I think I started 1st grade there with you. Weren’t we both in Mrs Fry’s class? I remember she drove a VW bug.


  3. I don’t remember who my kindergarten teacher was but yes, Mrs Frye did try to teach us something. A VW? It was also a VW stuck on the foot bridge, hmmmm.


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