1958 Post Office

Page Arizona Post Office 1958. Source: LeGate Family

This amazing picture was sent to me yesterday by a friend (thank you Gene!). I don’t know who took it or why, but it’s one of my favorites. It’s the Page Post Office in 1958. This was taken 1 1/2 to 2 years before we moved there and I don’t recognize anyone in it. I think it’s interesting that the young guys are talking to the girl, but the older guys are all about the camera, except that one guy. There’s always that one guy.

This building was located next to the USBR warehouse on North Navajo. across the street from present day Stromboli’s. I am curious to know why there was such a line out the door on this day. Nobody seems to have anything to mail. Maybe it was a rush on forever stamps or maybe there was free wifi.  But I doubt it.


4 thoughts on “1958 Post Office

  1. I posted this photo on Facebook after Earl J. Brothers’ daughter sent it to me appealing for help with identifying those in the line (that’s how Mike Slattery & Exley Hoynes got identified). It looks like a USBR photo, Amen?

    Earl J. Brothers, Page Camp Manager, is fourth from left. This is the way we “Page Pioneers” in Page, Arizona, got our mail in the “Good Old Days” in 1958 at the first temporary Post Office with one “General Delivery” window. Kay Pulsifer was the first Postmaster. Chesley “Ches/Chet” Davis, Page High School Class of 1960 & Pat Leigh ’61 are talking at the head of the line, with Earle Severance, Kanab HS ’59, behind Ches (he worked at Babbitt Bros. Trading Post after school got out in Kanab and the Summer of 1958, moving to Niagara Falls, NY for his Senior year of high school). Michael J. “Mike” Slattery (with the beautiful Irish Tenor voice) is the officer sporting a sidearm at the rear of the line, and Exley Hoynes, Sr. is next to Earl Brothers in black slacks and white shirt.


  2. Hi i am from South Africa Durban area and came across this site. You mention Mike Slattery in the line at the Post Office. Mike Slattery was my Grandmother’s brother (my mother’s) uncle. I met him only once in my life in 1974 when he came out to South Africa to see his sister Cicely Critchlow. They were from Limerick Ireland County Claire and lived in 52 Henry Street Limerick. My sister has just been over to Ireland in January and found that the entrance to Mike and Cicely’s home is still there. Only the back end still exists but there are still family members living next door who knew them personally. I was so greatful to Donna Bloxon for leaving such a gift of information on find a grave of Mike Slattery and his wife Ruth and 2nd wife Barbara. The last of the Slattery family that I am linked to has just passed away at age 83 with multiple myeloma. This was Jim Critchlow, Cicely’s only son. So we would never have known this about our uncle Mick if I hadn’t found it on the website. Thanks to Donna you are a gem. I have tried to friend Donna but have not had a reply to the friend request yet. I unfortunately don’t have much to add to the site but should I come across something I will add it to your page.


  3. Patty Press – This is an amazing connection! I just saw this post. I haven’t seen any friend request (but I wouldn’t have known who you are, and now I do!) I would love to get Mike linked to the rest of his family on his Find A Grave memorial. You’ll notice I have no idea of where/when birth/death for your Uncle Mick — do you know? Explain the friend request so we can be friends. THANKS!


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