1958 Glen Canyon Dam Preparation

Photo: A. E. Turner, USBR Courtesy of the LeGate family.
Photo: A. E. Turner, USBR
Courtesy of the LeGate family.

This photo is dated 7/8/1958. The back reads, “Foot bridge. The diversion tunnel inlet can be seen at bottom of canyon on right.”

As I scoured this with my handy-dandy magnifying glass, I noticed about a dozen people walking across the footbridge. As was stated on the back of the photo, you can see one of the diversion tunnels at the bottom of the canyon. These were used to divert the Colorado River water around the dam site during construction.

In the distance you can see a very dry Wahweap Bay and Castle Rock. It looks like this picture was taken from on the Beehive. It would be cool to find that spot and take another picture today of this same angle. This may have been taken before they sheered off the side to make room for the railways that supported the cable cranes. And you thought the flattened side of the Beehive was there to make room for the Visitor’s Center, didn’t you. The dam sight is just to the right of this picture. Stay tuned…


4 thoughts on “1958 Glen Canyon Dam Preparation

  1. I remember my dad driving a Cushman scooter across this bridge to deliver propane tanks to the man camp on the other side. Some of that was even before they had adequate protection on the sides of the swinging bridge as we called it


      • 1957-1965. I returned in 1990 and spent a few years on city council, etc. Had the Polaris and Kawasaki dealerships and left the last time in 2005. Now living in Sedona. Planning on a get together with Patsy (Reinhold) when she comes to visit her mother in Scottsdale at Thanksgiving as she has told me that she has several hundred photos from the early days in Page. I’ll be scanning them and will share them if you like. Someone else that has a lot of photographic memorabilia from Pages early days is Dugan Warner. He is still in Page and currently sits on the city council.


  2. Tim, thanks for the offer of the pics. That would be great! I’ll take you up on it. I know Dugan but haven’t seen or talked to him in 35-40 years. I have a friend here that sees him regularly, so I can get in touch with him that way and ask about the pics. Thanks for the lead!


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