USBR Offices

Photo: J. L. Digby,
USBR 10/6/1958
Courtesy of the Legate Family

I appreciate the clean look of this photo, dated October 6, 1958. The handwritten back caption reads, “Municiple buildings where big cheeses from Bureau work.” If you live in, or have lived in Page for any length of time, you probably recognized this building right away. It sits on the corner of North Navajo Drive and Vista Avenue. If you type Page Arizona into Google Earth and go to that intersection, you’ll get a good look at how it appears today.

In addition to the USBR administrative offices, this building has also been the Page Municiple building and courthouse and the National Park Service headquarters. I seem to remember the library being in there too, but I may be having a senior moment. Can somebody help out a brother here? If you remember, let me know.

The fact that there is no other development anywhere in this picture makes it that much better. I like that North Navajo Drive is still dirt. Vista Avenue is to the right in this picture and today, the Page hospital sits across the street (Vista Ave) to the right of the photo. Did I mention that I like the pickup truck on the far right side?


2 thoughts on “USBR Offices

  1. Yes, Mike, the Page Library was in that building.
    The very end building by Vista Ave. housed the library for a while. That’s where my kids got their very first library cards.

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  2. Thanks for confirming that for me. The ol’ memory’s not what it used to be. These pictures are fantastic! I gave the originals back to Gene on Saturday, along with electronic copies of each in their 8×10 format if any of you ever need a reprint. Thanks so much for these!

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