Hamburgers and Hotdogs

Photo: J. L. Digby, USBR 10/6/1958 Courtesy of the LeGate family.
Photo: J. L. Digby, USBR
Courtesy of the LeGate family.

This picture, dated 1/6/1958 is another view of the post office with the USBR warehouse behind it. The warehouse is still there, but this post office is long gone. The Windy Mesa was eventually built just to the right of where this post office sat, on North Navajo Drive. This picture was taken from the approximate location of present day Stromboli’s. The fire station and old USBR ranger station were to the left of this picture. I did a separate post about this post office building [HERE]. Now I know where it was located.

I’m not sure if the hamburger and hotdog stand was a regular event, or if there was something special going on this day.


2 thoughts on “Hamburgers and Hotdogs

  1. I can remember eating at that hamburger and hot dog stand at night; so nothing special was going on that day, but I can’t remember how long it was there. I remember there were tables and places to sit (picnic tables?)


  2. Sharon Koury Buck ’63 just told me the name of the hamburger/hot dog trailer stand was “Al’s Place”. We had two businessmen named Al at that time — Al Roueche (Page Market) & Al Boss Distributing (and more, if this was a different “Al”)


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