This photo is undated but is in the late 1950s. The photographer is not identified.
Source: Dugan Warner

One of my first posts on this site was of a couple of highscalers belting off before going over the edge of the canyon. Here’s another one for your visual enjoyment! I’ll make a few comments below.

I don’t have the date this picture was taken, or any information about the photographer, but it was most likely a USBR photo. I can’t imagine who else would have gone over the canyon wall with these guys to get this shot. If you zoom in on this picture, you’ll see that they are using a drill of some kind to bore holes for anchors into the canyon wall. A square end plate was attached to the anchors (if that’s what these holes were for) to strengthen the sandstone wall and help keep it intact.  These could have been something else, but that’s my best guess. They’ve already anchored several that look ready to be finished. Notice the 2 x 12 platforms – one below them and the other nearer the photographer. The photographer’s probably standing on that one.

This picture was taken from the Page side of Glen Canyon, looking downstream. Glen Canyon Dam is behind the photographer. A special thanks goes out to Dugan Warner for getting this picture to me.


6 thoughts on “Highscalers

  1. Thanks Mona (it’s weird for me to call you by your first name). I know what you mean. When I look at these pictures as I’m posting them and figuring out what to say, the memories come flooding in. I see and think about things that I hadn’t thought about in years. Some that I forgot even existed. I’m glad for the chance to do this, and thanks for all the pictures that came my way from you and your family. I’m not sure how many people read what I post, but I’m having a good time! 🙂


  2. This pick reminded me of O.Z. (Zug) Bennett. It was late in my life that I realized how fortunate I was to have him as a neighbor.


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