December Break

Photo: A. E. Turner, USBR
Source: The LeGate Family

Hey all, I’m taking a break from blogging for the month of December and I’ll pick back up again in January. I want to leave you with a Christmas picture of early Page. Check it out…

There isn’t anything written on the back of this picture except the name of the photographer and the date. I don’t know who that was dressed up as Santa. At first, I thought this was in the school gymnasium, which would have been new that year. But the more I look at it, I think it was somewhere else. That door in the background has a big window in it and the doors to the gym weren’t like that, at least not that I remember. I also thought at first that those were bleachers along the back wall, but I think it’s only a bench of some sort. Does anyone know what building this was in? There are two faces that I recognize, but I don’t have names to go with them.

How about you? Do you see any familiar faces in this shot? If so, let me know.

Enjoy your holidays and I will “see” you next year!


11 thoughts on “December Break

  1. I think the Santa was probably “Hoppy” Hopkins who was the bureau fire chief. He was the official Santa for years and later on, Everett Wickman filled in as the dear old man. I see Leon Swapp right in the front. He had probably brought Robert to see
    Santa but I believe Tia would have still been a gleam in Leon’s eye at that time.


    • There’s some names I haven’t heard in a while! Is there anyone else in this that you recognize? See the girl looking to her right, standing in front of the woman in the light-colored coat near the center of the picture? Do you recognize her? Any idea where this was taken?


  2. There was a building directly across from the original medical clinic (later on there was a tennis court right behind it) that the Dam Squares claimed for their dances. There was a major squabble about who it belonged to further down the road in time. Anyway, sometimes they would have Santa in that building and later (if the weather was agreeable) they would meet in the park. I’m not sure where this picture was taken as Santa sometimes came to the bureau building that was behind the Windy Mesa and the first one was probably in a Merrit Chapman Scott building.


    • I forgot about the townhouse and those tennis courts. I used to play tennis there. Our rock and roll band used to play dances in the townhouse. Me, Kim Brown, Chris Ciaccio, and later, Kenyon Palmer. What a ride that was!


  3. That is not either of the buildings that I was thinking of. The lady behind the woman in sunglasses looks a lot like Pat Diamond and could the blond child she seems to be holding up be Helen?


  4. Sandy Black, Page High School Class of 1963, is the pretty blonde (she was a “towhead” — natural “white blonde”) teenager on the far left, straight across from Pat Diamond (some of her snow white collar is peeking out from her semi-dark coat). She is looking to her left. When her family first arrived, they lived out at 14-mile (Glen Canyon City? now Big Water, UT?), then they moved to “M” St. in the MCS Trailer Court; and, yes, the trailer rows started out on “A” Street, but the first two trailers were parked at about “C” Street. We lived on “K” Street, next to one of the wash houses.


  5. Pat Diamond’s daughter, Helen Diamond Hibbert, posted on Facebook that the date from your blog says the photo was taken Dec 16, 1961 (I missed seeing that, but there ’tis — taken by “A.E. Turner, USBR, 12/16/1961”). Helen posted, “I had just turned 4 the day before. So you (Pat Kofford, pictured with her mom, Mrs. Don (Lylas) Kofford) would have been 5?”


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