Transit Homes

Photographer and date unknown.
Source: Terry Edwards

The transit homes were scattered along the rim of South Navajo Drive and Aspen Street. Even though these photos are black and white, these tiny houses made a bold statement all their own in their hot pinkish paint jobs. I’ve heard these referred to as transa homes too, but I’m sticking with transit. I hope that doesn’t drive any of you away, or to drinking. In a previous post, I mentioned these homes and you can see an aerial shot of them by clicking >>HERE<<.

This first picture is one of my favorites. The quality and detail are amazing. I’ll say a couple things about it underneath it. I give you…. the transit homes….

It looks like a serene winter day. And there just happens to be a 57 Chevy sitting there. No offense to the Rambler of course. This shot was taken looking along South Navajo Drive. In the background, you can see the houses continue along Aspen Street. Notice the dirt (sand) road and sidewalk. In the distance you can see the old X and Y school buildings and the Catholic Church. Behind that is the water tower. To the left of the X and Y buildings is the Southern Baptist Church and LeChee. The white rooftop in front of LeChee may be the Episcopal Church, but I’ve been wrong before. The building on the far left of the photo is the edge of the school D building, which would have been newly constructed about this time. Here’s another view…

Photographer and date unknown.
Source: Terry Edwards

I’m not sure if this one was taken along South Navajo or Aspen Street. But the large tank in the background that’s peeking over the roof of the closest home, caught me by surprise. I’m not sure what that was. This may have been taken the same day as the first picture. It was taken during the colder months, or the evap coolers would have been uncovered. Check out the 3rd home down the row. That round, white thing almost looks like a satellite dish! LOL.


5 thoughts on “Transit Homes

  1. We lived in one on Aspen for a number of year before the USBR sold the real homes! Had Johnny Parlett and George Coleman as neighbors.


  2. I use to play near that water tank that is shown over the transit houses. My mom use to warn me not play on it. That it might blow up. Sure enough on one of those cold mornings if froze and blew up from the ice expanding in the tank. Another one of those times I should have listened to my mother.


  3. Nice article! I looked at the large image that contains the white oval shape. As a professional photographer I suspect it is a defect in the image since it does not seem to ‘blend’ in with its surroundings.


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