Page Schools Yearbook

Have you guys seen this yet? It’s a link to the Page High and Junior High yearbooks, beginning in 1960. You can scroll through the pages. This is a great way to look back if you no longer have the yearbooks. Just pick the year you want to look at from the drop-down selector. The one in the link will take you to 1960. From there, you can select others. Enjoy!


One thought on “Page Schools Yearbook

  1. I had trouble using the link you posted. I use this link almost daily:
    After clicking on this link, look on the toolbar above the photo of yearbooks for that word — “YEARBOOKS” — click on that bar (word) and a search bar will appear below the photo of yearbooks. You can search by name (or whatever) — most of the time less info is better. Type in the last name only, because sometimes the yearbook just has the first initial or a different spelling of the first name. I have been able to find classmates using this search tool in yearbooks of which I own the hard copy and have searched through them extensively over the years, only to miss finding a classmate (especially in a group photo) until I started using Skalooza’s search tool.


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