Early Page Businesses

In this post I want to share with you my remaining pictures of the first Page business district. I am indebted to Petey Lloyd Dietz, Ernie Severino Jr., and Terry Edwards for these pics. As a reminder, these businesses were located close to each other with the small shack businesses in a row along North Navajo Drive, and the building with the bank and Babbitt’s located just behind The Bottle Stop (now Stix Market). You can see exactly where they were in [this post]. Check these out…

Photo Courtesy of Terry Edwards. Undated

The Men’s Store was going out of business when the above picture was taken. I’m not sure of the date.  The strike of 1959 may have contributed to the decision to close. The picture below shows Grant Jones with a customer. I don’t know who the customer is or if it was taken inside the Men’s Store.

Photo Courtesy of Terry Edwards. Undated.

The photos below show the early businesses from different perspectives.

Photo Courtesy of Ernie Severino Jr. Undated.

Warner’s Firestone building under construction. Photo Courtesy of Ernie Severino Jr. Undated.

Before we go any further, check out this picture of the bank, located in the same are:

Photo Courtesy of Terry Edwards. Undated.

That looks pretty safe! As long as nobody drives off with it. I can’t make out who that is standing there. The street sign says B Street. The sign in the window just says The Bank of Arizona Page Office.

As you face these buildings, looking south from North Navajo, Babbitt’s and newer location of the Bank, were just off to the right, behind The Bottle Stop (Stix Market) as I mentioned above. Here’s a good shot of those buildings.

Photo Courtesy of Terry Edwards. Undated.

Here’s an earlier shot of that same building before anything was added on. There was a gas station there too at one time. I don’t remember where I got this picture. I’ve had it for quite a while. It’s from the late 50s.

Source Unknown. Photo Undated.

Speaking of late 50s pics, Petey Lloyd Dietz sent me these next two. The caption on the back of this first one below reads, “First graduate of PHS – Donna Taylor (on left) and me (Petey) talking in front of Babbitt’s. Probably 1957.” This is a great shot capturing life in Page at that time!

Photo Courtesy ofd Petey Lloyd Dietz. 1957

This next one is from Petey as well. It’s a shot of the trailer court at B Street near what would be Aero today. The USBR warehouse is in the background. The businesses we’ve been highlighting are in the background as well, on the other side of that caution sign. The back of the pic reads, “Phone booth where I called.”

Photo Courtesy of Petey Lloyd Dietz. Undated.

This next one’s loosely related to the early business area, but it gives a feel for life in the trailer court, and a reminder of what it was like if you were there. The back reads, “Taken from our roof – Kelleys Trailer. That’s me (Maxine Lloyd?) in front of their truck. We lived in trailer until MCS housing was finished.”

Photo Courtesy of Petey Lloyd Dietz. Undated.


Wait, we’re not done! The caption on the one below says, “Mike and Ernie’s [Severino] Nana at the bank.” Sorry Ernie, I don’t know her name.

Photo Courtesy of Ernie Severino Jr. Undated.



14 thoughts on “Early Page Businesses

  1. The GREAT photo of Petey Lloyd ’61 & Donna Taylor ’58 would have been taken after March 1958 when Petey arrived in Page, not 1957. I arrived on March 11, 1958, and Petey arrived shortly after. Donna Taylor and Barbara Stallings ’61 confirmed this, so not relying on my memory alone. Love in Jesus, Donna Bloxton Petersen ’61


  2. The police officer (notice handgun in holster & uniform) in front of early Bank of Arizona, Page Office, trailer is Michael J. Slattery, “First USBR Chief of Police” (according to Mack Ward’s son, Steve Ward, who labeled this photo from another source). Can you put me in touch with Mike Slattery’s niece, Patty Press, who posted on your blog about him? She said she tried to “friend” me, but I never received the notice, and I can’t find her on Facebook, etc.


  3. Kelley’s Trailer (with Letty Lloyd ’59 pictured in front of their vehicle among this set of photos) was the site of Page’s first lending library. Mr. Kelley built a shed next to it, and books were sent to Mrs. Kelley, the first Page Librarian.


  4. The name of Ernie & Mike Severino’s maternal grandmother, who was visiting Page (she never lived there) was: Edna Husser (Michael) Weir. She is pictured standing in front of the early bank building.


  5. My name is Dion Bierhaus my fathers name was Gary Bierhaus and my mothers name was Delores Bierhaus, I had 2 young brothers David and Dennis was the youngest. We moved to Page in August ,1960. We moved from Denver, Colorado , my dad worked for BLM in Denver and transferred to Page. I started 6th grade, David started 4th grade , and Dennis started second grade. We lived in the BLM trailer court for awhile and we got to live in one of thoses transite homes on Navajo dr. As boys we loved to play in the desert, what a better place to live.
    As the dam started to finish my dad started to work for Park Service.After a couple of years working for the park we got to live in one of the Park Service homes on 3rd ave. It sure was a lot better for sure to live in a real house and had my own bed room. By this time we finally got a boat with a 35 horse Johnson and we learned how to water ski on a 35 horse Johnson and we all 3 had a blast. We tried to get dad up but was to small. Ha! By this time we were looking for the highest cliff to jump off of. A bunch of us crazies would wait for the tour boats to come by and get their attention and jump off and they would take pictures of us. David jump off and landed on top of a bass fish one time and his foot was sore for quit awhile. Living in Page was the best time ever. I can remember the old stores and post office, the old drive end moves. We use to go to some building to watch moves on Saturdays and bye pop corn and drinks. I use to have a paper route and i remember my streets were G.H.&I and had about 60 papers i had to deliver before school, rain or shine.I had to get my dad to help me deliver Sunday papers, they were big and had to stuff them with other papers they cost 10 cents for daily paper and 25 cents on Sunday. The good old days in Page ,Az I graduated in 1967, only 24 graduated that year. Sure had a good life in Page, could write a book with all the stuff we did but running out of space. Dion Bierhaus February 7, 2015 in Safford Az.


    • Dion,
      You may remember my sister Sybil Partner. Graduated in 66 or 67 from PHS.
      My dad ran the Cedar Glass and Partner Upholstery on Vista ave.

      Karl Partner


      • We are. After High school, Don went into the Army Air Calvary as a helicopter crew chief, and then a pilot. He was in for about 13 years and then got out. He has worked for Boeing ever since, and lives up in the Puget Sound, WA.
        We moved to Page in 1964 from Cedar City Ut, and moved to Cortez Co in 1971. I moved back to Page in 1977. My sister Kathy moved back to Pafe in 1981. After 5+ years working at NGS on graveyard shift Maintenance, my work took me from Page AZ to CA in 1989 and then to VA in 1991. Been here ever since. I miss and loved growing up in Page. Cliff diving at the lake, carving footholds in the sandstone to get to impossible location, Bats Cave, the old horse corral cave at the bottom of the mesa, dune buggy rides, the Mesa Theatre, wearing out quite a few bicycle tires and tubes on the trails around the mesa. Screaming down the north access road on our bikes to go swimming at “The Chains”…Midnight runs to Kesilings gas station to get some bottled cokes for 15 cents each, Fishing on the colorado river after climbing down “The Ropes” on the north end…Warm summer nights making out with my first love on the lakeshore drive overlook…….I could go on and on….Magical place to grow up and enjoy, Page was.


      • Is this the Karl Partner I went to school with who used to carry me on his shoulder’s during recess. We were the king’s of the playground, no one could knock us over!
        Alex Shores


      • Wow! Alex Shores, I had forgotten about playing chicken in the sand on the playground. 6th grade I am guessing. I am that Karl Partner.


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