Easy Does It!

Photo Courtesy of the LeGate Family. Undated.

Hey all, we’re on a road trip for the month of July but I wanted to stop long enough to get this amazing picture posted. This is my first post via email, so I hope it looks ok when posted. If not, I’ll tweak it later. Gene LeGate sent this pic to me a few days ago (thanks Gene!). I don’t know who took it, what building it was (it looks like one of the Butler Buildings used for the first school), where it was being moved to, or why. But here’s what I do know: it’s being moved away from town and it was a rainy day.

If you have some info about this picture and what was going on, please leave a comment. It seems like something like this would have drawn some attention.

2 thoughts on “Easy Does It!

  1. Mike, this was posted on facebook by Donna Bloxton Peterson and I believe she said Steve Ward gave it to her. She thinks it was a building donated to the Part Service by the bureau. In looking at the building, I believe the park service used it as a garage for several years (maybe still be in use.) This move may have happened sometime in 1966. I cannot remember anything about it happening and that amazes me as it had to have been a massive operation.


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