A Day in the Life 10-30-1958

Source: The LeGate Family
Page Signal: 10-30-1958

Gene LeGate loaned me a box of old Page Signal newspapers that I’ve been scanning as I have time. The Page Signal was Page’s first newspaper and pre-runner to The Lake Powell Chronicle. I’m scanning these old newspaper stories and pictures and will be posting them from time to time in a new category called A Day in the Life. Catchy, I know. 🙂 This first one is dated October 30, 1958.

Do you remember a post I did a while back called School Daze? I didn’t know it then, but the first two pictures in that post appeared in the Page Signal. To see that School Daze post, just click —>here<—. Here are the two pictures from the Signal. The captions gives us names. Pretty cool!

If you still have that School Daze post open, look at the second picture of the kids lined up by the old X and Y school buildings. Here it is again as it appeared in the Page Signal, complete with names. 

Source: The LeGate Family
Page Signal: 10-30-1958

Here’s an article from that same edition of the Page Signal about the Butler buildings that served as Page’s first school buildings. These building were located on the rim where North and South Navajo Drive converge. Don’t miss this old aerial picture from another post. It shows the temporary airport landing strip mentioned in the article. The Butler buildings weren’t there yet, but they were built just to the right of the landing strip. See what I’m talking about —>HERE<—.

Here’s another aerial view (in color) I posted that shows the Butler buildings. The temporary airport had been moved to it’s permanent location by the time this second photo was taken. The roads are paved and the transit homes are in along South Navajo Drive.

Source: The LeGate Family
Page Signal: 10-30-1958

As a bonus, here’s another short post I did in 2013 about those early school buildings. See it —>HERE<—.



7 thoughts on “A Day in the Life 10-30-1958

  1. I just found a box of old newspapers from Page in my folk’s things. Haven’t got a chance to check dates. I also have a few pictures of post office workers at the post office. I will try and scan some of the pictures in and send to you


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