Videos: Glen Canyon Dam Construction

These are five videos by Gary Ladd on the construction of Glen Canyon Dam. There are some really good shots and info in these. When you watch them on YouTube, one video goes right into the next. I’m not sure if that will happen here too, so I’m putting all five parts in this single post. These are also on my Videos page in the link in the sidebar.

Part One:

Part Two:

Part Three: 

Part Four:

Part Five:


2 thoughts on “Videos: Glen Canyon Dam Construction

  1. Thank you. I lived there for the school year of 1957-1958. I was in the third grade and my friend Elaine was in the second.

    Our fathers worked on several job sites so we have stayed friends since Page AZ. At that time page was great because we

    had the wide open desert for our playground.

    Thanks again for sharing stories of Page.

    Sybil Pulley



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