Airing Their Laundry

Photo: USBR. Undated. Source: Terry Edwards

This is a fantastic photo! It captures a true moment in the pioneering life of early Page. I’ve closely studied the details in this picture and I’ve concluded that this was taken from behind the transit homes, near South Navajo Drive and Aspen Street. If you click on the pic and open it, you can zoom in and take a look at some of the detail with me. Do you see the tanks on the right side of the image? You can get another look at them in THIS EARLIER POST of the transit homes to see what I’m referring to. In the picture above, the building to the left of the silver tank may be one of the Butler Buildings that housed the first school. Once zoomed in, you can see the canyon in the distance under the laundry. Also notice the second person hanging up clothes and what may be a little girl sitting by the car.

If you know who this woman is, please let me know.


One thought on “Airing Their Laundry

  1. I don’t think that those are the same tanks. Even if shot at a different angle the black tank in this photo is much smaller than the one in the earlier photo. Also, the silver tank in the earlier photo has 3 sections welded together and this one only has 2. But if you look at this photo,
    and look at the far left side of the photo, about 1/2 way along the transit homes on S. Navajo, there is a building behind them. I think it was the washhouse. Next to it are 2 clotheslines, which agree with your laundry photo, plus a telephone pole adjacent. If the photo was taken next to the building, the 2 tanks in the distance would fit into the photo. the building in the background would also fit into the correct perspective, and could be a butler building.

    Keep up the good work!


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