On The Streets

Here’s a look back and a reminder of how Page looked in those early days. Most of these photos are scattered throughout other posts but I wanted to get them into the same post, so here they are!

This is in the MCS trailer court at the corner of B Street and what is today, Aero Ave, looking northwest. The USBR warehouse is in the distance.
1957 Page Business District. Donna Taylor (the first graduate of PHS) and Petey Lloyd Dietz talking in front of Babbitt’s. This building was located behind present-day Stix Market. The MCS Trailer Court is visible in the background. Photo courtesy of Petey Lloyd Dietz.
Ernie Severino inside the original Page Jewelers. Photo courtesy of Ernie Severino Jr. Undated.
Here’s a shot of the old Barber Shop and Post Office. The sign on the barber shop door says there were 3 barbers at that time. I only remember Hank. Photo courtesy of Petey Lloyd Dietz. Undated.
Here’s a nice view of the MCS Trailer Court. Photo courtesy of Petey Lloyd Dietz. Undated.
Mike Severino in front of present-day Lake Powell BLVD. That’s Keisling’s service station on the right. Photo Courtesy of Ernie Severino Jr. April, 1962
These huts housed a handful of Page businesses in those early years. Most (if not all) of the business owners lived in trailers next to their store as seen in this photo. These buildings were along North Navajo Drive opposite the USBR warehouse. Babbitt’s, the bank, etc were located to the right of this picture. Photo courtesy of Ernie Severino Jr. Undated.
One of those early businesses was The Men’s Store. The closing of this store may have coincided with the strike in 1959. If anyone can confirm or deny that, please let me know. Photo courtesy of USBR. Undated.
Another perspective on the old business huts that were along North Navajo Drive. If I remember right, Firestone was owned by the Warners. You can zoom in to see the other signs. Photo courtesy of Terry Edwards. There is no specific date but it was late 50s or very early 60s.

That’s all for now. Enjoy!

11 thoughts on “On The Streets

  1. Thanks Mike. I sure enjoy reading and viewing all of this. I truly enjoyed Page and part of me still lingers there. gkf



  2. Thank you, Mike! These are the first pictures of a “pop-up” government construction project town I’ve ever seen . Probably there were many places like this. The rows of business huts with trailers alongside were new to me – almost like gypsy caravans. Did you grow up there? Was it an adventure?

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  3. I lived in Page July 1961 till Aug 1963. Am searching to find evidence my sister in laws family lived in the trailers in June 1962 thru July 1962. Enjoy your blog. Thanks.

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    • Hi Mike, my dad was the fire chief in 1959 and 1960 maybe the next year too. We were very happy to find your site. We have old family photo’s but can’t really recognize just where our house was from your pictures. My grandparents lived in the trailer park on K street. Our house was newly built family home that sprang up. I know the house number was 301 but no one can remember the street. My mom and dad have both passed away so no help there. Do you have any idea how we can find out more information on the subject. There are a couple of news paper articles mentioning my dad Byron Selvage but no pictures. Also I remember doctor Kazan. He delivered a couple of my cousins and stitched up my head after I ran into the side of our house. Once again thank you Joni Selvage

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      • Thanks for stopping by Joni and for sharing that info. There’s probably not very many streets there that had house numbers that high. Date Street might be a good candidate. Or Cedar Street. I’m not sure how to find that out. Doctor Kazan stitched me up too after a car accident. Every time I see that scar I remember him. I used to fuel his plane when I worked at the airport. Take care and feel free to stop by any time. Mike


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