Glen Canyon Dam Nears Completion

Thanks Tim McDaniels for supplying this photo showing the service road bridge being placed as construction on Glen Canyon Dam nears completion in 1964. The back of the photo reads:

“Glen Canyon Unit: Girders for the right abutment service road bridge being lowered into place by the two 50-ton high lines.”

The concrete batch plant is still standing on the left side of the picture, but its days are numbered. Click on the photo and zoom in to see the details. These old black & white USBR photos have incredible resolution. Click the photo for a closer view.


2 thoughts on “Glen Canyon Dam Nears Completion

  1. Hello Mike!

    My name is Patsy Tobis and I have been getting your pictures for sometime now. First of all I would like to change my email to

    I hope you plan to attend the reunion in page October 4 through the seventh. If you do I would love to meet you and talk to you or I think it would be great if you could give a presentation as well!

    I hope to see you in October!

    Patsy Tobis

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    • Hi Patsy,
      Thanks for taking the time to write and for being such a long-time follower of my photo blog. Unfortunately, I can’t change or add email addresses. I can delete the old one if you like, but I cannot edit it. doesn’t allow that. You’ll need to resubscribe with your new address. There is a form in the sidebar to follow the blog. Once you do that, I can remove the old one if you like. Yes, I am planning to attend the reunion next month. I look forward to meeting you!
      Thanks again,


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