Glen Canyon Dam Concrete Batch Plant

With the social distancing that we’re doing, I thought I would take advantage of the down time and make a few videos for Mike’s Dam Photo Journal. The concrete batch plant at the Glen Canyon Dam was something I always wanted to go inside of, but never had an opportunity. Here’s a few narrated images of it for your visual enjoyment.

One thought on “Glen Canyon Dam Concrete Batch Plant

  1. Mike, there is a great old government video about the ice plant and batch plant. The ice plant and batch plant was one of the most sophisticated control logic facilities the US government had ever built up to that time. I am sure the video would be easy to find. SRP had it on our intranet site for a while.
    That last video was awesome of the aerial view. It was definitely 1961 or early 1962. You can see Larson’s and Tenney’s Bureau homes on 5th and Elm and Farris’ house was built by APS next to that. But our house and Keisling’s house is not there to the left yet. That was early 1963. We lived on Date then right where Cedar ended. That unfinished building on North Navajo is where me and Chris Keisling and Tim Kazan and Butch Hutton and many others spent years playing Army and Cowboys and Indians. That entire field between Elm and Navajo was our playground. Sticking firecrackers in ant holes. Digging forts. The large school building was all “D” building. Kindergarten was at the west end and that little fenced in playground was for kindergarteners. The rest of the west side was 1st and 2nd grade The middle was Admin and the library. The east end was part of the High School. The next building was “E” to the south- 3rd and fourth grade. The X & Y was the “Jr High”- 5th through eighth grade. And we had the black top and the white top for basketball and other games. Jr High baseball was just a sand field to the east of the X&Y buildings. No backstop fences or anything. Just bases that would slide away with you when you slid into them. We played football between “E” building and the white top. Till a kid got killed in a head to head collision.


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