The Amazing Glen Canyon Dam Footbridge

This is one of the clearest photos of the footbridge I’ve seen. This footbridge was just upstream from the dam. This is looking toward the Page side of the canyon. Click image to zoom in. You’ll see people coming toward you at the other end of the bridge, and the small parking area on that side of the canyon. There was also a small parking lot behind the photographer. You can see remnants of that parking lot on Google Earth. That area is closed to public access now.

2 thoughts on “The Amazing Glen Canyon Dam Footbridge

  1. My dad crossed that every day. I wouldn’t go near it, scared me to death !!

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  2. I do not recall the foot bridge. I remember my dad telling me that before the main bridge was built that there was a foot bridge that he used to take us across on. I assume that this is it. Thanks for sharing it. It gives me a picture of what my dad was talking about.


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