About My Pictures

Here’s some important information about the pictures on this site that you need to know.

  1. You are free to download and use any of the pictures on this site. If you re-publish what you download in any format (electronic, web site, or on paper), please include a link/reference to my site URL and this site name as the source.
  2. If you re-publish a picture that has an additional source that I have identified, please include that source name as well.
  3. Photos referencing the US Bureau of Reclamation (USBR) have been used with permission in accordance with this stamp that appears on the back of each picture:

  4. The date I have supplied on USBR photos is the date that appears on the back stamp as shown above. This is not necessarily the date the photo was taken, but may also have been the day it was catalogued or filed. I have photos with the same date stamp that show a hot sunny day and others of the same area where it’s been raining for quite some time. Any dates on personal photos are either the date it was taken or the date it was developed.
  5. I have not edited the the USBR photos in any way while scanning them. Most of them came to me as 8 x 10 black and whites and I scanned them to their original size and condition to preserve their character and appearance.
  6. Pictures that I have received in electronic format, or that I already possessed in electronic format are passed along to you with whatever information I have about them.
  7. If you download any photos you will see that the ones I scanned personally have all been tagged with pertinent information. For anything other than personal use, please keep that information intact.

That’s it. Enjoy!


5 thoughts on “About My Pictures

  1. Mike, my father worked on the project in 1957-58 and we lived in the construction camp. I attended the 2nd grade in the first school building ! These pictures are so fun to look through. I was scanning the web for pics to put in a family “archive” and found your site. Thank you for sharing. Sincerely, Elaine


  2. my name is Eldon Garrison I was a viberator operator from the first bucket of cement to about half way up . 1959-1961. Two million yards. my step-dad worked on dam on T exas border with Hacker and Shorty Gails. They invited him to come work on dam so the whole family came along.

    they invited him to come to arizonia


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