I came across this video showing some good footage of the Glen Canyon Dam construction as well as some great shots of early Page Arizona. Some of the narration gets a little cheesy but the footage is amazing. You may even recognize some of the faces. I was surprised to see Chet Huntley narrating it. After the first minute and half to two minutes in, it picks up and gets good. The total length is only 27 minutes.

The five videos below are documentaries by Gary Ladd on the construction of Glen Canyon Dam. They look like they were done in a lecture format at NAU. There are some really good shots in these. When you watch them on YouTube, one video goes right into the next. I’m not sure if that will happen here too, so I’m putting all 5 of them below for you.

Part One:

Part Two:

Part Three:

Part Four:

Part Five:


One thought on “Videos

  1. I am J.M. O’Hara, our father was Michael J. O’Hara, he is buried there at Page in 1961. We were one of the founding families. We lived on K street. I went to Page Elem. and Page High School.
    I played baseball and football for both schools. I also played little league baseball there, I think our team was the Red Sox’s. Our father drove the big flatbed that placed the big pipes in the damn for the water to flow thru. In one of the photos the boy in the striped shirt in line by the school bus looks like me. The teacher looks like my teacher and I sat by the window when I was in school there. One of my real good friends there was Teddy Smith. The Rangers brought me a wounded red tail hawk to nurse back to health and they took a picture of it on my left arm before they left the house, the photo was in the Page newspaper. I do not remember the year. This is all I remember for now.


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